Why running a retail store and blogging are not different?

Success in online world and offline world comes easy – if you follow basics.

Here is how you can use retail store success mantras to become a successful blogger.

Do I have your attention?

Let us move on.

1. Location, location, location.

A good location is one of the most important factors that affects the success of a retail store.

Ray Croc, founder of McDonald told a group of university student once that he was in the business of real estate and not in the business of selling burgers. That was a profound thought coming from someone wildly successful and who knew the importance of right location in success of his stores (McDonald outlets).

Is it self-hosted or on made of the virtual real estate provide free by WordPress.com or Blogspot.com? This is a core decision and makes a difference – in how fast you will be able to get to speed and gain the trust of your readers.

2. Quality of products.

Successful retail store owners do not compromise on the quality of products and always offer good value on the money spent.

For a blogger, the product is content. If you want to success as a blogger that your content is high quality and adds value to the life of your readers by adding fun, knowledge or actionable ideas. Readers pay for content with attention. So make sure that content on your blog is worth the attention of your readers. Then only they will come back for more.

Select products that can easily make you be a leader in the market.  Implement this plan on your blogging to become an authority website. Instead of cookie clutter content provide a unique perspective.

3. Avoid competition or stand out.

It is not always a good strategy to compete head on.

Look for blue oceans, and start in those ares.

Ree Drummond was among the first bloggers to showcase her life on a farm, and became  a major success because of a unique angle and uncharted territory.

Think of ways to stand out among competition.

Copyblogger started in a competitive space (pro-blogging) and stood out because of its unique content angle.

4. Invest in good design.

Leading retailers make sure than their stores have good show-windows to invite customers to come inside – so that they can buy stuff. If I am out for shopping I prefer to check out stuff at a neat, well lit, well designed over a store which is old and poorly designed.

Same goes for a blog. Users tend to remember unique design. These days it is also important for search engine optimization. [Logic is simple, good usable design + good content makes sure that users will stay on a website and explore more. This results in increased time spent on a site. If users stay longer on your site/or blog – search engines get a signal that you offer useful content – and hence your blog will be ranked higher.

Make sure that you blog design is simple, stands out and has easy navigation.

5. Let users touch and feel before they buy.

Apparel stores lets you try before you buy.

Zappos offers two way free shipping if shoes do not fit well.

If you use your blof something let them experience the product first.

To sell an eBook, give first 2 chapters away.

6. Right placement and asking for action.

Retail stores place their high moving items at eye level; because their goal is to get more sales.

As a blogger – think about your goal.

If your goal is to get more email subscribers then place the email subscription form in right place (above the fold) on your blog.

Ask people to subscribe for it in a natural and non-intrusive way.

Do this and see you blog attain the heights of success like a big retail store.

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