8 Free Google SEO Tools To Optimize Your Website

There are plenty of free tools that Google provides their readers.  Everyone should use these 8 free Google SEO Tools to better optimize the website.  You should not necessarily use all these tools all the time.  You should use only that can help the most in your SEO campaigns as well as in your website marketing programs.

1.         Google Insights

Google Insights tool would help you identify search trends.  It also allows you to find search patterns across the world with specific region (including country and states), timeframe (last 12 months or last 10 years), and category (health, marketing, entertainment, sports, etc).  It also provides you statistics on overall search volume whether it is going up, down, or is static.  You can analyze where are your most potential customers?

2.         Google Webmaster Tools

I have already talked a lot more about Google Webmaster Tools in my post Free Google Webmaster Tools For SEO.  It provides many important data that helps to optimize your website.  You can gather information such as overall site performance, top performing keywords, generating keyword ideas, fixing websites internal problems, quality of inbound links, etc.

3.         Google Analytics

Google Analytics tool helps you examine the overall performance of the website.  It provides different kinds of information such as traffic overview.  Traffic overview includes page views (which and how much), traffic source (search engines, referrals, etc,), number of visitors daily and total, traffic search query (which keywords), etc.  It is a much helpful free tool by Google for SEO improvement.

4.         Google Trends

Google Trends are much healthier free tool for experts who are exploring new keyword ideas.  You will find top daily hot searches.  You can also analyze top-search keywords in your own topic.

5.         Google Alerts

Google Alerts are the free notification in your Gmail Inbox that let you know about any worldwide update related to your topic of choice.  It sends you an email every day containing links of top pages related to News, Press Releases, Hot Topics, Blog Posts, etc.

6.         Google Keyword Tool

Almost every webmaster and SEO analyst (expert) is pretty much aware of one of the best free tools that is Google Keyword Tool.  It helps you developing new keywords ideas, Global and Local search volume of keywords, Advertiser’s competition, etc.  Keyword research is the most important and at the same time most difficult part of search engine optimization.

7.         Google Website Optimizer

Google Website Optimizer tool is very effective in testing and optimizing the website.  From page layouts to individual page elements can be improved and determined by this free tool.  Please use it as it would have more nice things for you that can help in your SEO strategies and SEO campaigns.

8.         Google Site Map

Creating Google Site Map page is an effective way to tell Google about all the pages and posts on your website.  It also helps readers find out most important information pages that they are looking for on your site.  It is a simple webpage that keeps all the links of your pages.  With the help of Site Map, Google indexes all your pages real quick.



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