5 Big Players Of Online Customer Touchpoints

In the post How To Organize Integrated Digital Marketing Efforts, I have discussed a bit about Juice Of Touchpoints.  In this post, there is discussion about Online Customer TouchPoints and what are the ways to create those touchpoints?  You should be aware of these points for better optimization of every digital marketing campaign.

You have seen why assessing Touchpoints are essential and so important in the start-up phase of integrated digital marketing.  You can not only confirm where your most potential customers are but also attract active online customers and increase sales.

These touchpoints are awesome tools for every online marketers and webmasters.  So, you would have to be pretty much aware of it.  You cannot predict which touchpoint would bring you most of the customers unless you practice and analyze.

Here are some ways to create those Touch Points to attract potential online customers.

Website And Blog

Not only a website and blog is enough to create touchpoints between customers and business, but a quality website is needed.  Does your site answer all questions?  Do you know what you’re customers want?  How often you blog and update information, events, news, offers, etc?  How many returned visitors and referred customers are on your website and blog?  Analyze all the above questions and apply to create more fresh, customer friendly and valuable website and blog.

Social Media

People often try to hide themselves.  Your presence and interaction over social media sites act as an add-on element to your personality and brand.  Everything from blogging, blog commenting, forum marketing, answering online questions (answer.yahoo.com), creating Facebook Fan Page with regular update on wall, posting Tweets, article marketing, etc to online customer services is important.


You can make best use of webinars that would be your best customer touchpoint.  Online events and online tutorials are the much needed thing for every business in today’s digital world.

Press Releases

Every new step what you and your business is taking would be worthy to create press releases.  We do press releases in the form of news.  Make regular press releases so that your existing customers as well as new potential customers would know what is going around in your business.

Emails and Newsletters

Emails and newsletters are one of the best touchpoints.  Create a big subscribers list.  The number of customers is in your subscribers list.  You should have a better email marketing content strategy.  It is a kind of face-to-face communication.  Incorporating email writing tips in creating content can improve the quality of your emails and newsletters.

There are some many other online touchpoints that you can create to attract and engage with customers.  You should start with at least above-mentioned platforms because they are the big players of online customer touchpoints.


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