3 Ways To Write Good Home Page Title With Examples

Writing a good home page title is not a problem rather it is a confusion.  Whether every page should have a good title to describe the content of the page, home page title is even more important to describe the content of your whole website.  Below are top 3 ways to write good home page title with some great examples.

Matt Cutts, from the Google’s Webspam Team, discusses a lot more detail about site title and description with great examples on how Google creates “snippets” to show in the SERP.  Please visit the page to get more ideas on writing good home page title and description – here it is.

What Is More Important In Home Page Title?

About the content of your website

Home page title describes the real topic of a website to both search engines as well as readers.  It appears in the search result as a clickable title of your website.  A short descriptive home page title brings attention of both the search engine as well as readers.

Difference between home page title and home page description

In the snippet or search result after the title line you see two to three other lines that is actually the home page description of a website.

Prevent displaying open source data 

It is important for you to do not allow search engines to display the description data collected from open sources like DMOZ.

What Are The Ways To Write Good Home Page Title?

Descriptive And Concise

Descriptive titles are usually being written in two parts, actual domain name and a little description (usually 4 to 10 words).  You can separate these two parts with a punctuation such as a hyphen (-), colon (:), pipe, comma etc.

For example:  Entrepreneurs-Journey.com has created their home page title like this:

<title>Internet Marketing Blog – Entrepreneurs-Journey.com</title>”.

They kept their main topic first (Internet Marketing Blog) followed by domain name with .com included (Entrepreneurs-Journey.com) and separated them with a hyphen.

Another great example is:  http://www.deluxesocial.com.

<title>Small Business Social Media Marketing Experts – DeluxeSocial</title>

Writing domain name first is also a great way to write a good home page title.

Brand The Home Page Title

Instead trying to add some general keywords in the title along with domain name, you should provide a bit great information to capture the attention and build a brand.

For example, the site all out digital has a unique home page title.

<title>All Out Digital | Your gateway to the digital world.</title>

In this case, domain name has been added first followed by unique distinguished information separated by pipe.

It is a great way to write good home page title especially you are planning to create a big website and build a brand.  In this case, you can target your other related keywords in the home meta description area.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

In home page title, do not unnecessarily put repeated words.  It is also not a good way to write too many keywords in the home page title.  For other related keywords, you should use the home meta description as well as home meta keywords areas.

For example, please do not do like this “all out digital, all digital out, digital all out” and “online shoes, online sandals, online jeans, online coats, online glass, online furniture, online books, movies, videos, podcast”.


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