3 Golden Rules Of Keyword Research Domination

Most of the websites fail and do not get enough traffic due to the selection of wrong keywords.  If you haven’t done keyword research to dominate the market then you must take a look at 3 Golden Rules Of Keyword Research Domination.  This will be the worth of your time and money investment.

Keyword research cannot be the rule, though it is a must do process to becoming a leading website and creating the higher commercial value of the website.

Unfortunately, people often target keywords that are highly popular in the community, but they even don’t realize how many other people are also trying to dominate the market with the exact same keywords.

There are also so many keywords out there which are not so popular, but the good things are high search volume and low competition.  So, would it be wrathful to target those keywords?  If you think “yes” then just take a look to understand the 3 Golden Rules Of Keyword Research Domination.

Understanding The Keyword Research Process

In case if you have not visited the keyword research tool yet then click the link Google Keyword Tool.  In the search bar, enter your most relevant business keyword to find other related keywords.  Enter the captcha and hit the search button.

The results will so other related keywords that are being searched by people, advertiser’s competition, global monthly searches, and local monthly searches.  You can filter “broad” match keywords search and “exact” match keywords search, by country, by advertiser’s competition, and a few others.

Golden Rule #1:  How To Find Relevant Keywords?

Keyword research process will definitely lead you a very well brainstorming exercise.  Through broad match keywords search, you will get other nice keywords that you have not yet imagined.  You will be surprised to see them and think “oh ! people are also looking for these terms”.

And the next exercise would be to find exact match keywords search to find other “keyword phrases” containing that exact keywords.  Exact match will help you identify the exact search volume for that keywords also.

Golden Rule #2:  Is There Enough Traffic For The Keywords?

From the rule #1, you will be able to finalize a list of new keywords as well as existing keywords.  Golden rule 2 says that you should locate the search volume for every keyword and finalize which keywords are getting the most searches (traffic).

The more search volume the more good keywords.

Golden Rule #3:  How To Judge The Competition Of The Keywords?

Please do not get confused by the “Advertiser’s competition”.  It is the competition for PPC (Google AdWords).  It is not the competition for organic search result.

To judge the competition, you should primarily focus on 3 things for the websites of first page result.  These are 1) Page Rank of the websites, 2) Backlinks of the web pages, and 3) Domain age of the websites.

The lower, the best.  Check for low PR, low backlinks, and low domain age.  Golden rule 3 will bring your website to the top position in Google SERP.


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