What Is The Difference Between Fundamental And Realized Niche?

The fundamental niche is the largest segment or category and the realized niche comes under the fundamental niche.  The fundamental niche is self-sufficient to exist, to use resources, and to live to the fullest themselves.

The fundamental niche is where the organisms and markets are totally incomparable with any other niches.  It is a territory where several small realized niches exist.  The fundamental niches do not face any competition at any respect, but at the same time realized niches would have to face competition.

Competition varies depending upon the basic requirement of the niches.  The competition could be utilization of resources, survival capacity, freedom of choice, or freedom of leading the society.

What Is The Niche Or Niche Market?

A niche is a particular place (segment) which fulfills different need and interest.  In other terms, a niche is a category.  Niche examples could be health, education, entertainment, fashion, automobile, etc.  And, these are the best examples of fundamental niches also.

Fundamental And Realized Niche Examples

Now look at the clear difference between fundamental and realized niche with an example of health.  The category (niche) health cannot be compared with education or entertainment.  Why, because the health is all about understanding and curing the physical and mental status of animals (human).  And, the entertainment is all about pleasing eyes and ears and creating happy environment for mind.

A realized niche can be “health practitioner” or “health resources” in the fundamental niche “health.”  And, “music”, “dance”, and “movie” can be a great example of realized niche in the very popular fundamental niche “entertainment.”

What Is The Definition Of Realized Niche Width?

From the ecological point of view, the realized niche width, in terms of ecology” is the actual space where organisms live and access the resources that are not used by other species.  They get all the fundamental requirements to make successful living such as food, mate, and shelter.

Realized Niche In Society

Every people are having their own realized niche in society as well as at workplace.  It can be defined in terms of having wealth such as rich and poor.  At workplace, realized niche can be manager, assistant, executive, or peon.

Here is also a point which should be undertaken as to differentiate fundamental and realized niche.  Workplace is an example of fundamental niche whereas manager, assistant, executive, and peon are the examples of realized niche.

Hope you got some nice ideas on differentiating the fundamental and the realized niche.


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