How To Use Free Headline Analyzer Tool

Free Headline Analyzer Tool

Yes, you heard it correctly analyze blog post headlines before publishing it.  It’s always good and thus important to analyze the headline of any post before posting.  You are going to know about Free Headline Analyzer Tool and what is its benefit and most importantly how to use it?

Advanced Marketing Institute provides a free headline analyzer tool that anyone can use to create an effective headline that simply attracts readers.  Analysis of headline involves checking its effectiveness and how much effect your headline is to grab attention of other readers and visitors.

I am also using it every time before publishing every post and checking how effective my headline is through free headline analyzer tool offered by Advanced Marketing Institute, which you can find at advanced marketing institute.

When you are there at that page, you will see a box that suggests you to enter your headline text.  Make sure to provide an extensive headline with your keywords in it.  And, you will see another box to select a category for your headline, so choose appropriate category of that post.  And last submit it for the analysis of your headline.

Let’s say for example, I would like to analyze my headline and the keyword phrase of that is “headline analyzer”.  Then, I will enter my headline text as “How To Use Headline Analyzer?” or “How To Get Benefits Using Headline Analyzer Tool?”

You will find the EMV score of your headline in percentage.  Make sure the EMV score of your headline should not be less than 30%.  Anywhere between 30% to 40% is good, but try to obtain your score much higher, because the much score you have means the much effective your headline is.  You should try to obtain the EMV score anywhere between 50-70% to get excellent headline for your post.

If the headline’s EMV score is between 50% to 70% then you can simply think that your headline is very good.  In this regard, you can use this Headline Analyzer many times till you get your perfect score.  Use different long tail keywords also to try and obtain greater headline.

Headline analyzer is very easy to use and provides much effective analysis of your headline.  This tool is completely free to use and helps webmasters to optimize the content also.  It is much beneficial in terms of getting SEO benefits.

A great headline always gets noticed by the people who are actively searching for that and also gets noticed by the experts who are already dealing or creating content related to that headline.  So, be careful and analyze headline before publishing content or blog post.


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