4 Link Building Ideas That You May Have Missed

Are you tired of building links for your website?

Are you looking for more ideas for effective link-building?

If your answer of one of the above questions is a yes, then try following link building ideas and see your site getting higher ranking and increased traffic.

It is recommended that the result does not come up with theory, result does come with practice.  So, tell yourself “no more theory please” and just step into action.  You might know and have heard many link building ideas, but in expert’s eyes these 5 link building ideas would work the best.

1. Blog buddies for link-building

Normally blog buddies comment on the posts written by their blog buddies.

This gives a sense of a thriving community on these blog when visited by new visitors – resulting in more comments and engagement.

You can take it to next level by mentioning posts written by your blog buddies in your own blog posts.

Your blog buddies can also do the same.

This linking should be mindful – link only when relevant.

Links generated by such “blog linking groups” are reciprocal – but powerful because they are contextual.

2.Submit Testimonials

Have you ever considered submitting testimonials for link building?

It is a good link building strategy that most of the webmasters do not follow.

Many websites gives users a chance to submit testimonials and in return provide do-follow quality back-links.

Search for websites relevant to your industry and submit testimonials after using their free trial. Mention in the testimonial that you used a free trial.

It is a great strategy; because you get a back-link and also brand visibility. The business for which you submitted a testimonials will also gain if their product is good and you submit a positive feedback.

3. Build Your Own Network

It is a powerful link building idea – and also time and cost intensive.

In this strategy, you create a network of websites – owned by you.

This way you build links when and how you want and also they will be there for as long as you want them.

If you want to do it quick then find some old or expired domain for sale.

Look for the high PR domains available cheap. Build simple sites using WordPress or Blogger – update with good content – 10 articles each and start with your link building effort.

Do not try to get 100 links out of 1 website. Instead buy more domains (create less links per domain) and create a bigger network as you go on.

4. Connect With Fellow Bloggers

Connecting with fellow bloggers for building links is one of the unmatched link building ideas.

Help them promote their major articles or posts.

Later request them to do the same for you.

This is different from Blog Buddies; because in this sharing is less frequent.

These links are powerful in terms of quality backlinks, free traffic, increasing authority, and higher search engine visibility.

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