Keyword Stuffing While Creating Blog Post Titles

So, you would like to know how to make keyword stuffing while creating blog post titles.  A unique blog post title helps author to gain better search engine navigation as well as more reader’s attraction.

While researching and selecting keywords, I advise you to select one primary and one secondary keyword for each blog post title.  And, you should put both (primary and secondary) keywords in every blog post title.

What Is Primary And Secondary Keyword?

You might would like to know what is primary and secondary keyword?  Well, most of the time primary keyword is referred to as root keyword.  For example, “social media.”  And the other variation of primary keyword could be a secondary keyword, such as “social media marketing” and “social media analysis”

How To Determine Primary And Secondary Keywords?

If you have done keyword research then you have found many related keywords in a particular topic (niche) or market.  And, you have also noticed that the search volume for all the keywords is different.  What does that mean?  It simply means that a particular word is being searched twice, thrice, and even more.

Let’s go with an example, the search volume for keyword “social media” is 10,000, “social media marketing” is 4,000, and “social media analysis” is 2,000.  You can see the keyword “social media” is already being searched with other keywords such as “social media marketing” and “social media analysis”.

Why Primary And Secondary Keywords?

Using both primary and secondary keywords in blog post titles provides your articles more chance to face easy keyword competition as well as found on various keywords searches.  For example, in this post itself, I have used primary keyword such as “keyword stuffing” and the secondary keyword such as “keyword stuffing while creating blog post titles”.

What Else To Consider On Keyword Stuffing?

It is the keyword density which determines which is your primary and secondary keyword.  When the density of a particular keyword is more in a blog post then that keyword is known as primary keyword.  So, you should be more aware while writing blog post.

Tips On Keyword Density In Blog Post

In a blog post, it is advisable to use 3-5% primary keyword and 1-2% secondary keyword.  Keyword density of a blog post also helps search engine to determine what this blog post is all about.

It is highly recommended that do not put unnecessary keywords in blog post titles.  Keyword stuffing in a blog post title should be natural.

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