How To Write Facebook Ads Copy

Want to create Facebook ads and run a campaign?

Then please keep in mind that Facebook advertising is different than search advertising.  So Facebook ad copy-writing is also different.

Basic qualities of a good Facebook ad? 

If you think about principles that drive good copy/advertising, the answer is AIDA.

You need to attract the Attention of the customer, raise customer Interest, convince customers that they Desire the product/solution or service; and lead them towards taking Action.

With that in mind now, let us look at the elements of a Facebook ad.

Elements Of Facebook Ads

There are three elements of Facebook Ads – title, body and image.

These three elements when designed/created with AIDA principle in mind – convert well.

Title Of The Facebook Ads

Facebook allows you to write the title of your ads in just 25 characters.  It’s the maximum limit.  The short title is more effective in terms of people’s attention.  So, you should make a title as short as possible.

To make best title of the Facebook Ads, it is recommended to use call to action words like browse, view, learn, buy, claim, sign-up, order, etc.  These terms work well in terms of both leads and sales.

You should also consider using punctuation marks because that shows the effectiveness of Ads copy.  Punctuation marks such as “!”, “?” and “%” are often being used and works well with different titles.  An example of good Facebook title is “Love watching TV !”.

Body Of The Facebook Ads

The character limit of body in Facebook Ads has been revised and dropped to 90 instead of 135.  Through title, you should create awareness of products and services.  And through body, you should create interest, desire and action.

You should write first a sentence that creates interest and desire in people’s mind.  Then, put call to action.  People would like to know, what they would have to do, before clicking on ads.  Call to actions like “buy now”, “free sign-up”, “free download” work well in terms of conversion.

Image Of The Facebook Ads

Image is one of the prime and foremost important elements in Facebook Ads.  No one would even see your ads unless the image used in ads is getting attention.  Image should be bright with high quality clearance.

It is recommended that do not use image of low quality clearance and of no distinct idea about the image.  Find some easy to understanding image in all respects.

For more ideas check these advertising best practices by Facebook.

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