How To Use Pinterest As A Social Media Marketing Tool

Pinterest is the latest and day-by-day growing social media phenomena.  It is totally different than any other Internet marketing tool.  Pinterest is providing just another flavor of social media marketing.  To whom who are not aware of and discovered Pinterest, by its soul, it is a picture sharing platform where you can store and share pictures, content, video, podcast, etc.  It is a “pin-up board.”  It’s became very popular in a very short period of time and reached millions of users daily.

Somewhere Pinterest is alike to StumbleUpon and Digg, but the popularity comes from its visual nature through collecting pictures.  People are also looking pins on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

So how Pinterest works and how to use it as a tool for social media marketing and also how to use it to get more traffic to your blog?  Usually, your all activities over Pinterest are known as pins.  You can install “pin-it” interface to your browser and pin quickly if anything you like and anything you have to pin for others to like and engage on your board.

You can create your own keyword-rick pin board with very themed and customized content that can be found easily by others.  You can repin your own pin and other’s pin also.  By that process, chance of being noticed by Pinterest users and search engine robots becomes very high.

Tips On Using Pinterest Effectively As A Tool For Social Media Marketing

Create An Account

Though you can visit Pinterest without having an account, but for deeper actions like pinning your own stuff and engaging and creating a community, you should have an account over Pinterest.

Select The Best Content And Image

As the Pinterest is very visual in nature, you should select an image that can encourage people to pin your image.  If you website does not contain such image, it is recommended to rethink about it.  You should use an eye-catching image and relevant to your marketing plan.

Write Your Pin Description With Keywords

Search engine robots are also following pins, so make sure to write your pin description with keywords.  It is very beneficial in terms of SEO.  SEO friendly nature of the pin provides a tool to optimize your website and blogs.

Add Pin It Button To Your Websites And Blogs

Just like another social media button, Pinterest also provides a button called “pin it.”  Use this button upfront to your website and blogs, so that people can easily pin your website and blog posts.


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