How To Get More Comments On Your Blog

Why your blog should have more comments? 

A blog gets comments – after it gets traffic. For users to comment on what you have written, they should be engaged into what you have to say. More comments means more traffic and better engagement.

A blog with lots of comments is perceived as a popular blog, which brings in repeat visitors.

Comments also boost the ego of author.

When people comment on a blogpost, author feels good that she has written something worthwhile.

At times comments also provide questions (ideas) that you can use to write new posts.

Now, let us see how to get more comments.

1. Create unique content

Unique content is the information which is not available over the web anywhere else – or at least something which is only available in some places.  You may have seen some blog posts that have hundreds of comments. Try looking at the quality of these posts. I am sure you will find these posts – as immensely valuable and unique.

Such blog posts explain the topic well (in detail).

2. Comment on other blog 

As simple as it may sounds, works wonders. This is also a good way to bring traffic to your blog if you are just starting out.

3. Provoke your readers by doing opposite of what others are doing.

Controversial points not only provoke conversation but also involve people to participate in conversation through comments.

When everybody is going gaga over Facebook, contributor to Eric Jackson created a ton of controversy by writing here’s why Google and Facebook might-completely-disappear-in-the-next-5-years.

It stirred a ton of conversation (300+ comments so far) – not to mentions 14,000+ Facebook shares, 5,000+ Tweets, 1,400+ Google+1’s, 3000+ LinkedIn shares. It even motivated a fellow writer to write another post.

Aim for something like this. When you do so, back up your post with facts.

4. Use clever headlines

Check out this headline –  Nine Dangerous Things You Were Taught In School

Will you read it or not? Chances are you will.

Go even further – and create a post like “Will you comment on this post, if this is the last one you will ever read?”

5. Add Call-To-Action

If you really would like to have more comments on your blog then do not forget to add call-to-action into your blog posts.  Call-to-action such as “please comment on the post” and “if there are any points left that should be in the post, please suggest in comments” would work well in getting more comments.

6. Do-Follow Status

[If you are a nerd read this]

Please check whether your blog is do-follow status or not.

A do follow blog lets some search juice to those sites which are used in comments.

Many people comment to get links back to their site.  There is no need to worry with that.  Again, it helps your blog in many ways such as increasing popularity, visibility, ranking, PR, etc.

Is there something I am missing? If yes, please share in comments.

Also comment just to say hello.

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