How To Drive Free Traffic Using Content And Links

The most valuable way of driving free traffic is using content and content with links into it.  In digital (Internet) marketing, content (article) itself plays the most important role.  Content have high potential of getting free (organic) traffic as well as quality customers.

Content and links into it helps you getting strong backlinks and it increases your website’s ranking and traffic.

Article Marketing

Publishing articles (content) over article directory sites is often known as article marketing.  A few examples of article directory sites are,,, etc.  These are the sites which allow author (people) to publish their articles (on any topic) and create links back to their site and profile page for free.

Guest Posting

There are many websites and blogs, which offer to post their articles as a guest for free.  The benefit of guest posting is to get a part of traffic of that sites due to the visibility of your content and links into it among those traffic.

Some guest posting sites are: and


Blogging is the most effective and easy way of driving free traffic using content.  Create your own blog and start publishing content onto it.  Search engines and readers love blogs because they are updated frequently.

Forum Posting

Forum sites are the place of enthusiastic people.  On the forum sites, people raise issues and problems and others provide appropriate solution of that issue and problem.  It is also a great way of using content and links to get free traffic.

You would have to be real and consistent over forum only when you can get most benefit out of the forum sites.  Some forum posting sites are: and

Press Release (News) Submission

Create at least weekly or monthly press releases (news) and submit them to the press release websites.  There are many free press release websites.

Some free press release websites are: and

Creating Free Blogs

Use free blogs to publish content and get free traffic.  You can create a whole new websites using free blogs, for example, wordpress and blogger.  It is also a great way of using content and getting links back to your website.

Free blogs have much potential of driving free traffic to your site depending on the competition in your market.


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