How To Create Successful Facebook Ads

You are ready to create your first Facebook Ad.

Great, below are four most important elements for creating successful Facebook Ads.

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1. Identify Your Goals

What is the most important goal for you as a business owner?

Drive awareness and recognition of your Facebook Page or brand.  Get more people to like your Facebook Page.  Get more people to visit your website or online store.  Get more sales leads.  Increase sales by offering special discounts.

The most effective tip to identify your goal is to focus on only one goal at a time.  For example, my goal is to get more likes to my Facebook Business Page.

2. Know Your Audience

Knowing audience is the most important part of a successful Facebook advertising campaign.  Who do you want to reach and what information will get their attention.

Where do your customers live?  Are your customers spread across the world or in a certain region?

Who will visit your website and shop in your online store?

Is there any relation to specific age group with your business?

The best tip is to create different ads for different audiences.  Specify or highlight key phrases like offers, coupon codes, phone numbers, likes, etc. in your ads to grab attention of your audience.

3/ Create Your Ad And Set Your Budget

Once you know you goal and audience then start creating your ads.  Facebook Ads are made up of three main elements, title text, body text, and image.  You would have to specify destination URL (Facebook Page or external website).  That is the website you want to go people after clicking on your ads.

Title Text:  In 25 characters, you would have to come up with a title that can grab people’s attention.

Body Text:  In 135 characters or less, describe the best part of your offers and products.  Create call to action such as “Like us to get special offers.”

It is recommended if you are new to Facebook Ads, set low budget and choose CPC instead of CPM.

4. Understand Facebook’s Ad Policies

You must read Facebook’s Ad policies because that will help you in your ad approval process.  Facebook has featured advertising guidelines, you can visit at Facebook ad guidelines.

You will get an email to let you know in the case of approval or disapproval of your ads.

Facebook provides real-time great business promotion platform.  Use it in a smart way.

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