Facebook ads for beginners

Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and stay connected to the world.

For businesses interested in harnessing this power, Facebook offers advertising solutions.  With these solutions businesses can target customers on the basis of geography, age, gender, interests, etc.

These ads are different than contextual ads that you see next to search results powered by a search engine.

People use Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends, and to reaching out to people.

As a business (or a Facebook page owner) you can take this capability to keep in touch and attract more people to a new level.

You can run a Facebook ad to drive likes to your page or to take user to a page on your website to drive them to take some action.

With search advertising, you target people on the basis of what they are searching.  With Facebook ads, you target people on the basis of what they have mentioned on their profile page and what they like or dislike.

Sometimes, you one Facebook advertising campaign can bring you more than what you expect.  For example, a simple social action such as liking your business Facebook page, can be done without leaving their current page.

When someone likes your business Facebook page, it becomes visible to all their friends.  And, when someone sees their friend’s name in your ads, they are more likely to take same action which their friends have already taken.

At this point, Facebook ads are a better bet of you are playing on a small budget and have visibiulty as a core goal.

You can also promote potentially viral content on Facebook as social sharing is inbuilt and there are better chances of your content going viral on Facebook.

An important advantage is that a newbie can easily create an ad on Facebook with the intuitive interface. For running an ad campaign on search engines – you need to do keyword research before you can run a successful campaign. In that light small business owners will find Facebook a simpler choice for online advertising. Check this nifty resource for those getting started with Facebook to promote a business.

If you would like to place your ads just in front of people regardless of what they are doing online, Facebook ads are the best option.

You will get more potential customers and prospects due to the very basic nature of Facebook Ads.

It is recommended to create call-to-action content in your ad copy and a relevant picture, so that people take action when they see your ad on their profile page.

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