8 Email Writing Tips For Beginners

Doesn’t matter whether you work in a social media job or in a regular career.

Writing an email is not going to go away anywhere – anytime soon.

Chances are that you already do email and chanced upon this post to get some ideas to improve.

So it makes sense to get better at it.

Here are the basics.

Keep these basics in mind as you write any type of email.

Use commonsense and chances are that you will achieve your goals.

[Write to any one with understanding that we do things for our own reasons and not for somebody else’s.]

1. KISS.

Keep it short and simple.

Simple means – easy to understand – simple words, no jargon.

Use short sentences. Think sentences instead of paragraphs for your initial emails.

2. Start with subject line

Keep it between 2-4 words.

Never write Urgent/Important at the beginning of the email.

For really urgent stuff use phone or meet in person.

(Truly) important time-bound stuff – call to tell receiver of the email.

3. Get to the point.

Introduce yourself – if you are writing first time to someone.

Expand on the subject if the need be. (This is what the email is about).

Write key points maximum 2-3 bullets. (These can be benefits for the reader or your qualification – of you are writing to ask  for a job).

Ask for action (request for meeting, timely response to your email, feedback etc – in the last sentence.

4. Stick To The Facts.

Instead of making a large email (story), stick to the facts and keep it short.

People love stories but you have to get them interested first.

Wait to share your stories in your personal meetings, phone conversations or future emails.

5. Show that you care through your words.

Stay away from net lingo for your emails.

Use sentence case if you have a formal relationship with person you are writing the email to.

Please appreciate if there is something worth appreciating about the reader.

6. Make Contact Details Easy To Find.

Use email signature for this – instead of the email body.

Add your full name, contact number, website url and address (if that is relevant to user).

If you are writing to somebody outside country prefix country code before your phone number.

7. Use simple fonts and formatting.

Use simple fonts (no comic sans).

Keep font size reasonable – not too big and not too small.

8. Read once before you press “SEND” button.

Wait a minute or two after you write the email.

(It is a good mindfulness practice also).

Read your draft. Use spell checker. Spend a minute or 10 – depending on how important is that email for you.

So if you want your emails to be opened and read – use short/to the point – subject line and email message. Use proper English, add a signature,  and check the draft before sending.

If you make your message simple and focused on reader then chances are that people will open, read and respond to your message.

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