Why your own domain is needed to make money on web?

When it comes to make real money from the internet then you must have your own domain name.  Your own domain name is your first impression over search engines as well as readers.

Domain is a sign of trust as well as commitment.  It shows how serious you are.  It shows how authentic you are and how eager you are with your online presence.

Domain provides you the control over website and its content.  You should not claim for anything if you are living in a rented house.

It is the most needed element for anyone who would like to make online presence or doing online business.  And, if anyone is thinking about making money from the Internet, thus they should have a domain registered.

Benefits Of Having Your Own Domain

1.         Increases trust among search engines and readers:  Search engines love unique domain name more than free blogs.  It becomes easy to remember the website name (domain) for readers and increases trust among them.

2.         Better search engine optimization:  Unique domain always gets better search engine optimization.  Thus, it becomes easy to optimize a domain rather than free blogs.

3.         Easy to achieve top positions in search engine result page (SERP):  Again, due to better search engine optimization, your unique domain has more chance to get top positions in SERP.

4.         Increases potential of getting quality organic traffic:  When your website gets high ranking in SERP, it is obvious that you would get not only organic traffic but quality organic traffic.  It is recommended that your domain should have keywords in it which people are already searching over Internet.

5.         Increases potential of being authority site over a period of time:  A unique domain is having more potential to become authority site than any other sites.  It shows your seriousness and commitment.  It shows your purpose of being online.

6.         Provides full control over content over the website:  Though free blogs are also providing control over content, but only up to an extent.  It is not possible to monetize your online content if that is hosted on a free blog.  Thus, you cannot make real money if you do not have your own domain.

7.         Provides full command to sell anything through website:  True, you can sell anything relevant to your online content.  In future, you can sell your domain as well as website if you would like to.

Above are a few benefits of having your own domain, thus domain is needed to make real money from the Internet.


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