Careers In Social Media Marketing

Social media provides opportunities to make friends, and keep-up with old friends.

In addition to this it has emerged as a massive platform for marketing.

Social media provides many career opportunities especially to people who care for community and know how to interact well.

In today’s world – for most of the brands – marketing efforts can’t be complete without including social media in the plan.

To execute these plans – people with understanding of this medium are required.

Social media can be used to generate online traffic, promote a brand, research market, analyze competitors, generate leads, and to build huge email lists.

If you know or can learn about each of these – chances are that you can get to work in this exciting space.

Sharing below are some popular social media marketing career options.

Social Media Marketing Manager

Social media marketing manager is responsible for creating different plans to promote a brand on various social channels. This should be in sync with industry and core goals for the businesses.  They create different strategies and analyze which will work better and how to implement those.

Their responsibilities may include social bookmarking, creating content, and creating a presence and updating different social media networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Digg, etc.

In a large organization social media manager is supported by a team doing each of the above activities. The manager acts as a guide and strategist.

Social Media Reputation Manager

The responsibilities of a Social Media Reputation Manager are interacting with customers, engaging customers in debate, solving problems and negative ideas about brand or product.

Creating brand reputation and making awareness all around the social media sites is also included their responsibilities.  They provide free information about the products.  Sometimes, reputation manager also takes care of all the content related to their business and brand.

Think of this position as an equivalent to PR or publicity manger is offline world.

Online Content Writer Or Copywriter

Copywriter writes sales letters, articles, news, press releases, brochures, and ads content.  All businesses and brands need specific content for different strategies and thus a copywriter is valuable for creating social media marketing strategies.

A copywriter is also responsible for writing effective email for email marketing.

An online writer needs to have an understanding of what works in online medium where attention span of readers are limited. She at time may have to opt for content breaks by using short sentences and paragraphs, and weave relevant call to actions in line with company’s goals.

Link Builder For Website

A link is counted as a vote and search engines are looking for that vote.  Search engines provide weight to every link pointing towards a website.  Link building specialist takes care of this.

They are responsible for placing a website’s link all over the social media sites to generate online traffic and sales.

Most of the brands and businesses are looking today for an expert in social media marketing.  So there are huge career opportunities in this space for right people.

Are you ready for it?


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