What Is Ambush Marketing?

Ambush marketing is a kind of strategic marketing where advertisers take the maximum benefits of an event without paying sponsorship fees.  Ambush marketing is a kind of stealing customer’s attention in front of authorized advertisers and sponsors of an event.  Ambush marketing, at the big level, mostly occurs at events like games and fairs.

A classic example of ambush marketing happened in 1996 Olympic Games, Atlanta, when the entire city was covered with ads of the Nike Company.  Though the Nike Company was not the sponsor of that Olympic Games, but they have taken the attention of viewers of Olympic Games.

Where ambush marketing is very good for advertisers who are not the sponsors of the event, but at the same time, ambush marketing becomes the source of frustration for the advertisers who have given the sponsorship fees.

People often say ambush marketing is the way of unauthorized use of an event without taking permission from the event owner.  But in my view, yes it is an unauthorized use of an event, but at the same time, it is a smart business plan.  If possible why not to go with ambush marketing and take the advantage of the crowed.

Types Of Ambush Marketing

There are three types of ambush marketing:

1.         Direct ambush marketing, which is also known as intentional ambush marketing.  When an advertiser creates strategic planning for marketing and gets benefit from an event without paying the sponsorship fees.

2.         Indirect ambush marketing, which is also known as unintentional ambush marketing.  When an advertiser is not focusing on ambush marketing, but somehow people noticed them as a sponsor.

3.         Accidental ambush marketing, which is analyzed after getting the result from a particular event for a particular brand.

Most Popular Ways To Do Ambush Marketing

There are different ways to do ambush marketing.  Some popular ways include creating Billboard and large posters just outside and near the event place.  That brings some attention of the people who are going to attend and participate in the event.

Distributing free promotional stuffs such as T-shirts, Hats, Flags, etc. to people who are going to attend the event are also great ways to do ambush marketing.  These free promotional stuffs get more visibility inside the stadium and help in brand promotion.

Legal Issues With Ambush Marketing

Is ambush marketing legal or not is a question of debate.  Though time to time, sponsors have raised this question as a violation of low.  But the fact remains the same, knowingly or unknowingly, advertisers get benefits from the practice of ambush marketing.


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