Why You Should Build Your Website Using A Blog Rather Than A Regular Website

One of the best benefits of building your website using a blog is targeting unlimited keyword phrases.  A regular website is having a limited web page.  Thus, to target more and more keyword phrases you should Build Your Website Using A Blog Rather Than A Regular Website.

Still have question what are the keyword phrases.  Keyword phrases contain the words which define best your website.  It is the basic signs and symptoms of your website.

People are using these terms in their search queries.  Your website can only be found if it contains these terms or keyword phrases.

One web page defines one keyword phrase thus targets one product or service.  How many web pages a product or service requires?

I think, only one, as of my best knowledge.  So, let’s say 10 posts are enough to define your business.  Thus, you will create 10 posts and target only 10 keyword phrases in a website.  But you might possibly have many other terms of keywords that you would like to share.

Have you ever think about keyword family.  By doing simple research, you will be able to create your own keyword family means more and more keyword phrases.  After launch of your regular website, you would need to have a blog to target more people with more keyword phrases.

And, using a blog to your website, now you can target more keyword phrases.  This can lead to more people.  It means you have created more paths to come to your website.  It cannot be possible with a regular website.

With blog you will be able to provide more updates to your customers.  You would be able to offer more and more eventually with time to time.  People can get in touch with you using comments.

Building website using a blog not only protects your website from competitors but builds trust among your customers and visitors.  Do not forget, people love updates and new offers.  You can engage more people from different areas also by sharing other stuffs like pictures, videos, free offers, free downloads, etc.

Search engines like Google also like updates, thus preferring blogs in top search positions.  The simple reason why search engines like updates is daily online presence.  Yes, daily online presence, not once a month or once a year.

There are a few other reasons also why you should build your website using a blog rather than a regular website.  I think I have mentioned some important reasons, if anything left, please suggest.

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