Who Will Be On Top Position in Google SERP After 10 Years

The results for most keywords and keyword phrases are as follows:

For “one word” keyword ___________ Top results are dictionary websites and Wikipedia site

For “two words” keyword __________ Top results are dictionary websites, Wikipedia site and mostly branded websites

For “three words” keyword _________ Top results are mostly branded websites and old (more than 10 years) websites

These are the basic results of top positions on Google SERP for any keywords and keyword phrases.  Just check it and you will get the same result as I have stated.

And important thing these results will remain forever.  Even Google or any search engine cannot help with it.  Even if Google search engine changes algorithms, the most chances are still for that top 20 websites to get top positions.

So, my question if this is the trend of Google SERP, who will be on top positions after 10 years?  Is there any chance of new website to get on top for the similar keywords and keyword phrases?  Either there is now enough content over Internet or people would have to find another strategy for Internet Marketing.

For any new website, competing with old websites is not easy.  The reason is Domain Age (they are very old), PR (page rank, they are having more than 5), Backlinks (they are having thousands and millions) and index pages (they are having thousands and millions).

One more question would be “is there enough content over Internet on any topic?” In spite of having quality content, no benefit if there are no visitors.

This would the biggest challenge for internet marketer in the future.  One can say “I will try for four words keyword”.  But, how many searches are for “four words” keywords.  You can take different strategies to get visitors like social media marketing or PPC.  But, remember PPC bids are going high every day.

If you run a brick and mortar business or you want to create an online business, then it is recommended that you find the keywords (try for single-word keyword first) that are not yet listed anywhere, though it is not easy to find one.

Explore the dictionary websites for such single word keywords.

Try that and you will get one keyword that would be on top positions on Google SERP after 10 years.  Believe me, it is the only way that remains.

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  1. Exactly! if the current sate of Google search is so competitive then what would happen in the next 10 years ? The fight to top SERPs would be horrible in the future so, we should definitively find out better way to promote our content and bringing traffic.

    • Thanks dear, glad you liked the post. Really, it is a cruciate question, which should be solved today for future.

  2. Hey Good one.

    All valid points that you shared above.

    That is for future. For now – the ideas for NOW is to create a mix of content – essays, short posts, posts that can go viral (top lists etc).

    Essays and timeless content work better in long run but to drive short-term traffic, one should create viral content; because this will bring people to your site and help your better content to be seen and linked to, talked about on FB or twitter – all help in driving your domain/page/post up in SERP.

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