What makes a good blog headline or title?

Blog titles should be attention grabbing, motivational, inspiring, beneficial, problem solving, etc.

Blog titles act as a hook – which entice your readers to explore your articles and blog posts.

Think of the a headline as a bridge or a connecting point between your website and your readers.

A good headline invites readers to read – like aroma of tasty food drives people to eat.

As a blogger or online writer you can work with a headline first approach.

Think of a problem that your readers most likely face. Think of a solution to that problem and mention it in title.

Example: 7 steps to kick-start your Fat to Lean journey.

Now share your ideas in detail.

Readers will be happy to find your article and click through to read.

If your post contain relevant information – they will come back for more. Win-win for both your readers and you.

Headlines should be catchy and focused on one topic. 

Do not try to share everything that you have to say – in the headline. Instead keep it crisp and short. It works in most cases.

Take a look at this headline –>  “How to write award winning blog headlines”.

Do you think it is catchy. I bet it is.

So if you are a blogger who is looking for headline or titles ideas for your articles – chances are that you will click and read it – hoping that it will provide me more insight on writing headlines.

I have shared some proven styles of writing attention grabbing blog headlines below. You can apply these today for your new blog posts.

Definition headlines

Provide meaning and explore terminologies

  • What is blogging
  • What is niche marketing

Technology Headlines

  • How to do blogging
  • How to do niche marketing
  • How to do search engine marketing
  • How to do social media marketing

Beneficial headlines

  • Why blogging for profit
  • Why internet marketing is a very good business
  • Why people fail making online money
  • Why you should involve in concentrated marketing

Number headlines

  • 10 tips on creating your first blog
  • 5 tips for creating a successful business
  • 7 characteristics of a successful entrepreneur
  • 7 keys to successful leadership

Try to share positive ideas through your headlines and posts. Most of us us love positive results – so it works.

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