What Is Concentrated Marketing?

Concentrated marketing is often known as niche marketing and differentiated marketing.  Niche marketing and thus concentrated marketing provides a particular product and service for a particular segment of customer population.

Concentrated marketing is one another kind of terminology for marketing.  Concentrated marketing is a strategy to cover only a segment of market.  It is a strategy to develop a well-defined product for specific customers.

Why small businesses and firms believe on concentrated marketing?  Because they would not need to go into mass production, mass distribution and most importantly mass advertising.  They are getting more benefit with limited resources.

Concentrated marketing particularly applies to create one product at a time.  Keeping all the energy centered to make marketing strategy worthy.  Mostly, concentrated marketing is very useful for small businesses and local businesses.

Through concentrated marketing you would get much better result even though you have a very low budget marketing plan.  In this way your all investment on marketing brings you results because you are focusing on them who need your product and service.

Concentrated marketer works as a specialist.  For example, like in health sector, an eye specialist only provides eye care, nothing else.  In this case, obviously this doctor would have a concentrated marketing plan.  Customers are also well defined, only eye patient.

To breakdown further this example, this doctor is not available for all eye patients.  In virtual world, they are present at a particular place where they can target patients locally.

Leading by examples could be a good exploration of what is concentrated marketing.  Let’s say you are an internet marketer.  Internet marketing is a very broad area.  Some internet marketing areas are running your own websites, teaching internet marketing, online advertising, social media marketing, search engine marketing etc.

In internet marketing, those are different kinds of marketing, which require a different concentration.  It would be more beneficial for an individual to do one segment of marketing at a time.  For example, either do search engine marketing or do social media marketing.

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