Benefits Of writing content with effective Call-To-Action

What is call to action?

A Call To Action is part of your content that motivates readers of an article or users of an eCommerce website to take action.

A good Call-To-Action (CTA) aims at getting results.

It is the point which entices readers to take appropriate action which you want.  It can be a link to send readers to another web page or other website.  It can be used for conversions like – make a sale, get people to download stuff, get them to like a Facebook page, become Twitter followers, get more information, subscribe for newsletter, get to take a free trial etc.

A piece of content without a is known as aimless content.

Your effort in creating content without CTA is close to being wasted.

If you have something of value to share – another piece of content or product – then ask your readers/users to take action.

It is the element that provides your readers a clear direction.

Remember even if you are writing a blog, you should provide a direction to your readers. You can ask them to subscribe to your newsletter or check out your speaking page or any other speaking page.

Even if you do not want to think about your gain (which rarely is the case) – it is your duty to provide a direction to your readers to help them with your content.

How can you do it better?

1. Define the purpose

Ask yourself what you want the readers/users to do after checking out your content.

Whatever goal you have, mention it clearly with an appropriate link.  Do not hide anything.

Always believe that your readers are smart and also that you are their navigator on the journey where they are exploring your website.

Handhold them and take them to places (space on your website) where you think they should go.

Never make false promises or try writing ambiguous content as call-to-action.

2. Do it more, to create better CTAs

Writing effective call to action is an art which you perfect with time.

There is are no harm in letting words make the sale for you but do not come up as a pushy salesman through your words.

Use words that show that you care and ask for the sale or action when you think that taking the action is in the best interest of the user.

For example – you run a website that makes software to spell check articles and correct it automatically. Now as a business owner you believe that this service will help content creators and offer a 15-day free trial or a free trial for 15 posts. This looks like a useful tool and it is your duty to ask users to take this trial.

It will bring value to them and value to you (once a sale is made).

First share the value that it offers – show them some testimonials – and then (for sure) ask them to take a free trial.

To make it simple – give your users a choice (Buy Now or Learn More). Words in call to action should have the power to attract readers naturally.

Focus on benefits for user and not on the product features.

[What colors and words to use – is different topic – and we will discuss in another post.]

3. Ask for the action

Most of us will do things when you tell them to do.

Your readers/users are not different.

Ask them what you want them to do.

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