Top Content Creation Ideas

Content marketing is all about first creating relevant and compelling content and then sharing it all over the internet.  Social media sites, articles directories and blogs are the prime and hottest place to share content.

Below are Top Content Marketing Ideas.  Follow the points outlined here for your successful content marketing.  If you have more ideas over content marketing, please share through comment to help other readers.

Create Self-Sufficient Headlines And Titles

Google loves self-sufficient headlines as well as tiles.  What does mean a self-sufficient headline?  Self-sufficient headline is a headline that has complete meaning.  A meaningful title is having a certain direction.  Do not try to confuse readers or even search engines with your titles.  Self-sufficient and meaningful headlines and titles are the best practices for content marketing.

For example, see the difference between these two titles “top ideas to make money online” and “top make money online ideas”.  Which one has more clear meaning?  Obviously first one has more clear direction for both readers as well as search engines.  Second one may be meaningful for readers, but not for search engines.

Include Relevant Yet Different Images

Sometimes, an image itself has more impact than textual content.  It means image has the power of generating more points for your content.

An image can increase your more Facebook likes, create buzz around social media, get you more comments and drive sharing all over Internet.  An image like cartoon or unrealistic photos work the best.

Share Online Videos

Create your own videos that represent your business.  Create useful video content for readers.  Most people like watching video content rather than reading text content.  Video content marketing is the best ideas in today’s fast life.

If you do not have your own videos, use someone else’s to provide more content to readers.  It is again one of the top content marketing ideas.

Create Content Like Story Telling

Start your lines with some attention grabbing quotes.  Create a hypothesis in first two paragraphs.  If the first two paragraphs are not suitable according to the headlines and titles of the content then you are not going to hit the market.

First two paragraphs are the boundary wall between success and failure of any content marketing strategy.  Follow the simple rule of content creation “who, what, when, whom, and why”.

The best content marketing ideas have yet to be shared.  What are your best content marketing ideas?


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