How To Use Blogging To Generate Leads

If you run a business or help others run one, this post is for you.

Blog unlike a normal website – are updated on a regular basis. That is why search engines love blogs because they love fresh content. If you blog on a regular basis, you will get more visitors. More visitors mean more lead and more customers eventually.

To use blogging to generate leads, focus on providing updated information about your industry, reviews of new products and expert interviews.

Unique, usable content is what makes a blog stand out. Your content should be your representative not a salesman.  Do not try to force readers to take any action.  Just share info and let readers choose what they want to share their email or contact info with your or take any other action.

Your reviews should be fair and not biased. If you are reviewing a product or service that you have some relationship (you are an affiliate, you own a stock of the company..) then disclose it – not because law needs it; because it is the right thing to do.

Provide lots of good value for free. Make it so good that people will be willing to invest their time in reading it.

If you blog with right approach and great content, you will generate more leads for your business.

You can creating one of the following types of content.

1. Compelling Content

Content should be relevant.  There should be some questions and targeted answers.  Make it easy to understand.  Make your content the best available resource in your niche.  Avoid repeating what others are saying about a topic.

2. Problem-Solving Content

Think about challenges your customers are facing. Provide a solution to their problem. People will trust you more when you satisfy their needs or give them solutions through your content.

Think about why you are reading this blog post now?

3. Less Promotional Content

Do not try to force any action. Promotion is needed but keep promotional content to 5% of your total  content.

That too after your build trust. If you have a reader base that trusts you, it is easy to generate leads. Provide reasons focusing your readers can be benefited if they give you their info.

4. Conversational Content

Ask questions, provide answers.  Create some controversial points so that people would participate in discussion.  A post beginning with a hello will help. Wish people when they comment on your blog posts.

5. Customer Focused Content

Focus on one reader at a time with your content.  It is hard to create a connect when you are trying to please everybody.

Connect with people one at a time (through email) and ask about their challenges. Write a solution.

If you have a large community of readers – chances are that there will be overlap of problems and solutions.

BONUS: Use tried and tested freebies to generate leads. Give them a free eBook (a good one) in return of permission to send them future updates.

Good luck with your content building efforts.

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