How to optimize your website for search engines?


What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization and what are the basic determiners of good SEO?  SEO provides the basic information about your website to search engines.  Search engines get more familiar about the nature and topic of your website by doing this simple practice.

SEO is as basic as someone provides information in the form of a signboard at the front of the office.  In virtual world, you must have seen signboards at every shop and office that tells you that hey “I am selling this thing or I am providing this service”.  For example, general stores, optical stores, doctors offices, etc.

There are 5 basic determiners of a good SEO website.  These basic determiners are very helpful for both search engines and readers.

URL:  Undoubtedly, the URL of your website is first determiner of your products and services.  For example, “”.  Now, I would like to ask you “is there any confusion regarding this website that what they are doing?  Absolutely not, this URL clearly tells that it is a website about online shopping.  It is as easy to understand both for search engines and for readers.

Advice:  Try to find the best suitable URL that itself tells everything.  This will get you more exposure naturally.  This advice is not suitable for brands.  Obviously, they should have a branded URL.

Title:  It is the second determiner of a good SEO website.  It is a little bit HTML coding part though you would not need to learn HTML.  Things are easy now days as many HTML codes are free online and blogging platforms have made things very easy to use.  The title adds to your URL.  Your title defines every webpage also.

Advice:  Use every genuine and best possible keywords in title.  For example, use title as “online shopping, shop online, online shopping website, buy shop online, etc.  Use best possible keywords and keyword phrases in the description part both in HTML and in web text.

Description:  This is the third determiner of a good SEO website.  Put all information in systematic form as shown in above examples.  Use best possible keywords and keyword phrases in the description part both in HTML and in web text.

Advice:  For example, is an online shopping website to buy anything anywhere, all brands, buy shop online, etc.

H1, H2 and H3 Tags:  This is the fourth determiner of a good SEO website.  Again the same information you would have to provide in your H1, H2, and H3 tags.

Advice:  Put only one keyword phrase in every web page.  For example, H1 tag is “online shopping website”.

Alteration Tag (Alt Tag):  This is fifth and last determiner of a good SEO website.  This tag is used for pictures that also provide information about the website.

Advice:  For example, a picture of your website on a webpage entitled “online shopping website” should have an Alt Tag “online shopping website”.

Above are the basic determiners of a good SEO of a website.  It is the work which should be done before launch of your website to have better SEO.

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