How To Increase Google Page Rank Of Your Website

What Is Google Page Rank And Why It Is Important?

Google Page Rank or PR of your website is directly related to the back links of your website.  Back links are counted as a vote for your website.  Google prefers the vote (back links).  Back links are the links pointing towards your website.

The much back links your website have the much PR your website will have.  You cannot have high Page Rank in isolation.  Your website should be in a community where people would know your website exists.

So, is it all about just having more back links to have high Google PageRank?  Absolutely not, not only the back links which decides your Page Rank.  There are some other factors also which determines your website’s page rank.  By the way, you will not have high Google Page Rank overnight.

It takes more and more time, so you would have to be patient and working on getting quality content, perfect keywords placement and getting back links from authority websites.

Work On Unique Quality Content

First, those content which are not available on the web.  Second, useful content for readers.  These two basic criteria (unique and quality content) can lead your website to at least 1 to 3 Page Rank.

Work On Perfect Keywords Placement

Use keyword that fits the most your web content.  Keywords placement should also be absolute.  Find appropriate keywords list and try to place throughout your web content appropriately.  Do not try to use keywords much.  Use only where it is needed.

Keywords placement also helps your website to get Google Page Rank between 1 to 3.  Your website looks to be genuine and perfect.

Work On Getting Back Links From Authority Websites

A website that has a Google Page Rank of 7 or 8 is the prime criteria of authority website.  Think about the popularity getting a vote from these websites.  Getting links from these websites are not easy.  Keep on building back links.  Below are a few great examples of getting valuable back links.

Comment, comment, and comment:  Make comment on other websites or blogs as much as you can.

Social bookmarking:  Use top social bookmarking websites to create a link pointing towards your website.  This will provide you back links as well as quality visitors.

Press release:  Do press release of your website frequently.

Publish articles:  Publish more, more and more articles on article directories.  This will provide you not only quality back links but also traffic.

Use above recommendations wisely for at least two months and then see what Google PageRank of your website is, definitely high.


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