How to become a human content creation machine?

People get into things thinking that they will be successful.

Sooner or later.

Every human being who gets into content writing and blogging gets into it, thinking that they will be successful.

Not all of them become successful. Do you know why?

Because they do not create content. Why?

Because they do not know, how to create content – good content.

You want to be successful. So what is the secret behind making content writing simple so that every one can do and become good at it – over time – sooner than later.

Here you go.

1. Know your subject well

Study the topic that you want t0 write about. Go in depth and around it. Once you know the basics (which will not take much time) then you can ship some content fast.

2. Tell a story

It’s all about expressing the experiences, showing up master-ship and making content understandable for all.

Best way to do it is to write you are telling a story to a friend.

3. Keep Learning

The best part in creating easy content is to first learn yourself and then teach others.  This secret works the most.  Apply this secret to generate content on regular basis.

4. Think of reader challenges.

And present a solution through content. Reader love it – because their problem gets solved and you become and authority.

5. Ask for suggestions

Ask you existing reader base whatever small for content topic suggestions. Getting a new topic is a good start.

6. Research over Internet

This is a no-brainer.

World does it and you should also do it.

Search a topic over internet and you will get enough posts to read and to get familiar with a subject.  It is important to search articles with a little bit of variation in the topic, so that you will have similar kind but different nature of thoughts.

7. Read at least 10 different articles

Go through at least 10 different articles.

Read them carefully. Each post will share something new. After reading them all, you will have 10 different thoughts.  Make an arrangement of thoughts and explain it in your own way.

8. Create a summary

Using own logic, create a summary of those thoughts.  Further explain all thoughts and ideas that you have gathered from different articles.  Use simple words in a simple way.  That is it.  Now, you have great content that you have generated easily.

Keep on repeating it and you will never fall short of good content.

9. One more BONUS secret for easy content creation

Become a copywriter.

Do you know what is copy-writing?  Can you write one single sentence in 10 different ways?  By this way, you can create 10 times more content..  This requires practice.  Once you do it, you can generate more frequent yet informative content all the time.

If you apply the above ideas you will become a successful content based business owner.

Good luck!

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