How To Develop Concentrated Marketing Strategy

Well, I think you know very well about concentrated marketing.  You can get advanced explanation of concentrated marketing in one of the previous post entitled what is concentrated marketing.  Now, the focus has been transferred over how to develop Concentrated Marketing Strategy?

At present, I am not going into more detail about concentrated marketing or niche marketing.  Moving onward, what should be the best strategy for concentrated marketing?  It is pretty obvious that I am talking about online concentrated marketing.  So, it is the process of developing strategy that fits for online concentrated marketing.

What is a market?

Helping you find a market (niche market) to develop concentrated marketing strategy and have profitable business.

Let me ask you a question “is health a market?”  I mean would you think health is a market.  I say no.  Health is not a market, though it is a “huge market” itself.  So in my eyes, health is a market where you can develop your concentrated marketing strategy.

What are the subcategories of health?


Health products

Personal care

These are actually the examples of market, though these markets itself can be broken down further to generate strategy for your concentrated marketing.


Helping you getting some ideas to find the market to build a strategy.

Hobby or Passion – list down some of your hobbies and passion.  For example, cricket, music, food, etc.

Your own problem – what are the problems you are suffering currently.  For example, how to find a job, how to get relief from back pain, how to create a website, etc.

Other’s problem – find out what are the problems that people are suffering.  For example, how to sell products, how to do business, how to make money, etc.

Generated Ideas For Market (concentrated niche market)

To get some more ideas to find the market for concentrated marketing strategy, there are some online resources that you can do.  All online marketers are using these resources to get some new ideas.






In all the above websites, it is recommended to browse through all categories section.  There are many categories and subcategories out there.  Make your research a bit more concentrated.  And, you will have so many ideas for concentrated marketing.

Above are the strategies to find the actual market to work on.  The next step is to build a list of keywords.  And then, you will have to work on three main strategies, which are below.

Find the search volume of that keywords

Competition of that keywords

Commercial value of that keywords

These strategies are very crucial because that will decide whether your strategy for concentrated marketing will work or not.  After reading this post, apply above recommendations to first find the market.  I must say the first task for concentrated marketing strategy is to find the market.


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