How Social Media Marketing Works?

Whatever General Motor says about Facebook ads, Facebook will continue to grow for foreseeable future.

You need not be a large corporation like GM to make the same mistake.

Ford said on Twitter that problem was with GM’s execution and not with Facebook.

Facebook is not the only platform that you need to understand to make your social media efforts work; but with its 900 million+ users it can’t be ignored.

To make your social media marketing work – you need to go with the right content and right execution.

You also should right expectation about your digital marketing metrics.

It is easy to face death by metrics if you go int0 it without right perspective for social media.

Let dig deep into how social media marketing works?

1. It is no different than old world – where the message should be tailored to the medium.

2. Metrics are important but the ones you think are.

3. It can not be always measured by hits, number of leads and final sales on the website.

Instead measure it by positive tweets about your brands, new likes on the page and over positive environment about the brand.

4. If you are coming from an old world marketing background – use your knowledge of basic principle but adapt it to new – ever changing medium – to make it work.

5. On Facebook, pictures work best, followed by videos, status updates and links in that order.

6. Do not think of social media as something which can be milked for profits from day one.

7. Think community first and money later.

8. If you are working for a large brand then use a mix of advertising and organic growth (engagement driven) to fast forward your social media growth.

9. Do not do the mistake that many people do on a first date. Rushing too fast into a relationship. Wait and let the trust build between you and your users.

10. Be human on your platforms – show who you really are. Introduce yourself time to time and get the know your community.

11. Pick one platform and build your presence there – if you are doing it yourself. If you are into coaching LinkedIn may work better for you. Give it a shot and decide.

12. Advertising on Facebook is different than that on LinkedIn and Twitter. On Twitter there in no banner or display advertising. You need to use sponsored tweets there if you want to promote your content there.

LinkedIn is the place if you want to reach 150million professional users with highest average income group of all users. Logic is simple – people go to LinkedIn where they are already part of the workforce (already earning) or getting ready to enter workforce.

Facebook is a mix of most of the users who are on LinkedIn and Twitter and many more including young, old, earning and not earning.

Pinterest currently one of the fastest growing social network in the world – is dominated by female users.

13. Before you make your plan – become a user of these platforms and find communities (groups on LinkedIn) that are in sync with your business goals. Start there.

Use search function (with relevant platform) on these platform – to see who is doing what related to your keyword.

This info should be enough to help you make a start.

Please come back for more 🙂

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