10 Content Ideas For Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing campaign is at the core of content marketing.

When you create content for your next campaign, write for readers with both short and long attention spans.

Here are 10 Content Ideas For Email Marketing Campaign to grow your business.

An effective email marketing should have a series of emails, videos and podcasts.

This has been working successfully for others, and will work for you.

This is how you should go about it.

1. Sign-Up For Your Competitor’s Newsletter

No matter at what level you are in your market, but signing up for competitor newsletter/s is worth doing.

Sign up for 4-5 from companies you appreciate and want to emulate.

This will get you started with content ideas for email marketing campaign.

It will help you decide what sort of content you should put in your newsletter and how often should you send it.

2.  “How To” Tips

Break-down every single step and write articles with “how-to” steps for your newsletter.

People like to do things on their own.  If your post helps your readers do-it-themselves they will be hooked.

3. Problem-Solution Articles

Think about how your customer feels, whenever you sit to to create content for email campaign.  Go deep inside the customer’s mind and heart.  Think (and feel) what problem they may be facing. Then create – quality and easy to understand emails as a solution for their problems.

4. Top Tips And Ideas

Provide top tips that can be used by your customers. If you are carpet manufacturing brand, write about – top 10 ways to make sure that your carpet lasts long enough.

5. Reviews Or Products And Businesses

Time-to-time, collect and publish customer (or unbiased reviews by media) of your product. This will give your customers an added reason to participate in your business. Through reviews, you can provide more insights to your customers and increase the trust among them.

6. Interviews

It is the an important idea that most brands forget to incorporate in their email marketing campaign.

Interview your existing customers about their experience with your product. Later you can use it as a case study.

7.  Case Study

A case study can feature a success story.

Create case studies from interviews or assign one of your employee to create from scratch.

Make sure that you showcase the customer pain point and how your product helped them.

Customers look for “trust building elements” before making a purchase online.

If you share case study in an email – it will help them make a buying decision. Same case study can later be published on your website.

8.  Opinion And Analysis

Do not provide only opinion. Provide opinion with analysis. It will create trust and your customers will come back to you for answer. Take a look at a KISSmetrics blog post for ideas on this.

9. Provide News

Provide updates to your readers and customers through email. Share your growth and statistics, or may be a new store launch.  Talk about the opening of new office or about a major hire. Provide opportunities like an offer to participate in a contest to win an iPad.

10.   Rinse and Repeat

Do it. Keep doing what works and remove the rest.

Hopefully when you start doing the above you will never fall short of content ideas for your next email marketing campaign.

Please share in comments about what do you think.

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