Welcome Harshal Bhagwat, All Out Digital – Gadgets Editor


Harshal Bhagwat, All Out Digital, Gadgets Editor

Hello everyone, I take this opportunity to welcome All Out Digital Gadgets Editor, Harshal Bhagwat.

Harshal is a mobile enthusiast and Android Fanboy with an experience of having used more than 450 handsets (and counting), with keen interest in Android, Symbian – Unusual and Interesting handsets. Harshal is currently playing with Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy s2, Sharp Sidekick lx2009, Nokia 6260, Nokia E6 and Olive Msgr. Other gadgets include 12 Bluetooth devices and PSP.  Recently Harshal was featured in Hindustan Times, amongst the elite category of people who are referred to as “Greak” (Gadget Freak).

In Harshal’s own words

“My love for the phones started way back in 1999 when I saw the first handset in my life and always wondered how this technology worked and believe me when i got my first handset in 2002 (Motorola D520)  i took no time to figure it out, there was no looking back from then.

People call me a mobile maniac as I do not keep any handset for more than a couple of weeks, the most used handset was Dopod U1000 which I kept for around 3 months. After using a substantial number of phones i thought of sharing the knowledge/ experience with the world and eventually stepped into blogging.”

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Get ready for exciting gadget’s review from Harshal soon and come say hi to Harshal in comments.

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