Twitter Basics

Twitter is a phenomenal tool.

It has immense potential – for people who want to promote themselves, and companies interested in building their brand.

Here are some basic ideas to help you start.

1. Go to twitter and create your profile.

2. You will need to choose your handle. The All Out Digital twitter handle is @alloutd and my twitter url is

3. Add a profile image.

4. Fill your bio.

5. Post your 1st update known as a tweet. It can be maximum 140 characters long. So you will have to learn to write short updates.

6. ReTweet (re-post) somebody else’s tweet.

7. Follow some accounts (other users on twitter). In time some people will follow your back and you will start having a conversation.

8. Become active and post on a regular basis.

9. See your twitter community grow.

10. Use Twitter search function to see what people are saying about a topic.

Stay tuned for advanced info and follow @alloutd on Twitter.