How to book a domain name in 5 simple steps

OK you have decided to build your own website.

The first step after you decide the name for your website, is to book a domain name.

Here is how you book one.

You need to decide where to book your domain name.

You book it at a domain registrar.

Some of the popular domain registrars are GoDaddy, Moniker and Enom.

1. Choose a registrar, create an account. This is the first step.

2. Search for the domain. If you choose GoDaddy then enter the domain name that you want to book in search bar there. If the domain is available (means no body else has booked it), then you can see your choice of extension (.com, .net..) is available.

3. Decide on extension: DOT COM and DOT NET are most poplualr and credible extensions. So click “GO” button (in case of GoDaddy) next to the search bar.

4. Choose the duration of the booking. You can book minimum for 1 year or for multiple years. If you are booking for 1 year choose auto-renewal. You will see this option in the checkout process.

5. Go to the cart and make payment. In the cart before you press pay, you will have to enter your credit card details and address. Do it and agree to terms and conditions and make payment.

After the payment is done, your domain will be booked.

At this point, you will also receive a confirmation email and invoice in the email that is registered with the account. This invoice can later be used for accounting purposes.

Note: Do not buy hosting from Godaddy. Choose some host like Dreamhost or Mediatemple.

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