Social Media Careers

Social Media was an emerging field some time back which is now fairly established.

Earlier there were few companies which were offerings jobs in social media but the scenario has changed now.

There are variety of companies and industries where social media career opportunities are there.

Let us look at some of these.

  • Pure Digital Agency
  • Advertising Agency
  • FMCG Companies
  • Manufacturing Companies

You need to keep few things in mind, when you approach social media as a career.

  1. Unlike what some websites or some so-called “social media expert” will tell you, you not only need to have an account on Facebook and Twitter to start as a social media professional.
  2. Social Media is ever evolving. Every week new services are launched. It is not necessary for a general user to know about all these. But if you need to make a mark as a social media professional then read and practice continuously to keep yourself updated.
  3. It is more about practice then any theory. So read – but read less and do more.

Wish you become a successful social media professional.

The responsibilties of a social media professoinal are some or all of the following (depending on the level you are working at);

* Managing and growing a team of social media strategists
* Audits and Ideation
* Strategy and Implementation
* Monitoring & Reporting
* Presenting to the C level
* Engagement Planning
* Training (Internally and Clients)

Will touch all these in detail in some of the next posts.

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