Google is celebrating its 13th birthday today!

Google turns 13 today.

This is my post about Google’s 8th Birthday in 2006.

There are lessons here.

1. That everyone starts small and that it takes time to get big.

2. That you accept failures and move on (Buzz, Health etc.).

3. If it is something really important then you try and try until you succeed. (Google’s attempt at social and Google Plus).

4. All decisions you make (purchase of Motorola) may not be in sync with your DNA but you need to do it because you want your businesses to survive and grow. (Motorola buy is for patent portfolio more than anything else.)

5. If you want to grow fast you need to ride on the success and creativity of others by spending money. (List of Google Acquisitions)

Here is to another decade of success for Google and You.

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