Twitter getting ready for the big time

LinkedIn was the first one of major social networks to launch an IPO.

Zynga, Groupon and Facebook are all getting ready. While Zynga will soon debut on bourses, Facebook is looking forward to a $ 100 billion IPO in early 2012.

Twitter for now is not mulling any IPO. But funding engine is rolling for it non-stop.

The company which has raised $ 360 million till date has been working hard on creating a revenue model. Looks like it has made a good start in that direction with Sponsored Tweets. According to eMarketer Twitter’s ad revenue may cross $ 150 million in 2011.

The company is now in the process of raising $ 400 million at a $ 8 billion valuation.

Why it is not interested in a market listing right now can be anybody’s guess.

Twitter with 200 million users is one of the biggest players in social networking space. If you leave MySpace out, which continues its downward spiral, Twitter is the biggest after Facebook.

Lack on ambition is not a reason for Twitter not listing. In fact the actual reason may be the desire to be the biggest player in this space and list at a mind-boggling valuation like Facebook or even bigger than that.

Let us wait and watch.

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