Testimonials – social media way?

You will agree that testimonials help build trust for a brand.

During old time brands use to get customers to fill a form at retail front or at an exhibition booth.

What do you do in a “social” world?

You keep an eye of your social (Facebook, Twitter) stream and see what your users are saying about your brand. If you are doing it right then people will say good things about your brand. They will say it where they live – and these days people tend to live inside Facebook.

To make it look real take a screenshot of Facebook update or tweet and post it directly on your website.

Observe and record but before you post that testimonial on your website – make sure that you ask for (written) permission even if theĀ endorsementĀ comes from a friend.

If you are a consultant or professional, you can use your LinkedIn recommendations to show as testimonials on your website.

What more ideas do you have?

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