21 year old sells company for 100 million USD

Back in 2005 High school students Catherine and David Cook (brother-sister duo) started  MyYearBook , a social network for teens.

At that time they would have hardly have thought that 6 years later their creation will generate 20 million USD in revenue.

Least of all that they would have thought that their creation will be sold for 100 million USD.

Between 2005 and today helped by their elder brother, duo raised 17 million USD in funding, launched new features, scaled the business, gathered a 100-member team and created a robust revenue stream which resulted in today’s deal.

Today company behind Latin social network Quepasa agreed to pay 100 million USD (82 million in Quepasa stock and 18 million USD in cash) for MyYearBook.com.  Enough to retire for the brother-sister team.

Does it ignite the entrepreneurial spirit within you?

Interestingly enough Meg Hourihan, Blogger co-founder once thought of something like MyYearBook.

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