Facebook secretly working on a music service?

When programmer Jeff Rose poked around the code after Facebook’s Skype intergration announcement; he noticed a line of code that suggests that Facebook might be working on a music service code-named vibe. This service may be announced in partnership with Spotify which has been making waves recently.

This is important because of the pressure emanating from the launch of Google+. Now Facebook needs to up the ante and stay ahead in the game that has been leading for a while now.

With Facebook-Spotify combine you may expect live music streaming built into your Facebook account. Good news indeed for all music lovers. What the new service might be called is anybody’s guess. What about Facebook Music?

Google+ is Google’s most ambitious foray into social and Facebook clearly understands – even if Mark Zuckerberg downplays it. If they did not consider Google a threat they would not have launched a PR attack on Google which eventually backfired. ‘

With this understanding do not be surprised of you see Facebook music launching soon.

If this works right all music lovers (on Facebook) will gain, so will Facebook by finding a new way to keep users hooked on to it.

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