Facebook reaches 750 million users

This post on Facebook blog talked about scaling to 500 million users and ended with looking forward to another 500 million.

It may not have reached there still but it has achieved a significant landmark by crossing 750 million users.

There have been talks about the growth slowing down and what not but Facebook so far has been master of innovation and sensible enough to step back on what backfired.

750 million is a huge user base and even a small growth on such base will add significant numbers. It sure will reach 1 billion users (quite possibly the first social network ever to reach that number). What needs to be seen is when will it reach there.

With innovation like making videocalling easy chances are users will stick longer and will pull more of there friends in.

Mashable reports that Zuckerberg says that Facebook didn’t unveil this stat separately because the team doesn’t think counting users is important anymore.

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