What to expect from Twitter next?

Hyper-growth companies like Twitter has to take care of multiple fronts.

It is about creating positive user experience, generating revenue and thwarting possible competition.

Twitter has taken care of an improved user experience with the new design. Promoted tweets are a step in the direction of increasing revenue. Earlier acquisition of tweetie and recent acquisition of TweetDeck is a step in the direction of keeping competition at bay, though Twitter may not admit it publicly.

Now we hear that Twitter is about to pull rug from under popular photo sharing applications like yfrog. Technorati has more details here.

Why twitter wants a part of photo sharing activity; because photo sharing is big activity online. Infact part of Facebook’s massive growth has come due to photo sharing also. Apart from being world’s biggest social network, it is now world’s largest phothsring app, leaving behind erstwhile leader in this space Flickr.

We will keep you posted as it unfolds.

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