Types of traffic a website receives

There are numerous ways a website or online service receives traffic.

1. Direct

Direct traffic is when people type your website URL in the browser. If you reach AllOut Digital by typing www.alloutdigital.com that is direct traffic.

2. Indirect

Indirect traffic can come from various sources as listed below.

– Referred

When you reach to a website via a link on some other website (Facebook, Twitter…) or via a blogpost – it means you are refrred by that partcular website and such traffic is known as referred traffic.

Referred traffic can be of 2 types – organic (or free) and inorganic (or paid).

So if a visitor comes through a free link like one linked through a blog or shared on social networks via friends or fans that is organic.

If the visitor arrives through an online ad that is paid traffic. It can come through either a banner ad or Google Adwords campaign. We will talk about these in detail later.

Hope you are finding this info useful.

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