Tumblr races past WordPress.com

Tumblr, the blogging platform started by David Karp in 2007 seems to be appealing to a lot of people off late.

It has recently surpassed the number of blogs hosted by WordPress.com.

This feat has come thanks to some explosive growth for Tumblr. Its user based has almost tripled since January 2011 when it hosted around 7 million blogs.

Tumblr’s growth may be credited to the ease of use and simple design and short-form content sharing – mainly through photos and at times other forms of content (audio, video, text and links).

Then there are features like re-blog that made the content on a Tumblog and the platform itself go viral. WordPress and Drupal are seen more as platforms to host professional sites and already host big names sites. But these brands are now moving to create presence on Tumblr also so that they do not miss an engaged audience with a high growth trajectory.

Excited, why do not you create a Tumblog here and see how you like it or check out this commentary by Fast Company on the topic.

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