Search Engine Optimization – What?

Before we get into this we need to understand why it is important.

It is important because of Google. Google is the biggest search engine (a software that people use to find content and info they are looking for). Bing and Yahoo are the other major search engine but not as big as Google.

When you search for a term like “social media” a search engine will find millions of results on the web and list these results in order of credibility as analyzed by the search engine.

The key here is to appear on the first page on the search engine. In fact is much lucrative to be among the first 3 results on a Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). Top 3 results drive more than 50% of the traffic of all results.

By Search Engine Optimization (SEO) you try and get your website on the first page.

There are ways to do it. I will tell you about these in another post. For now I will tell about the simple ways to do it.

1. Identify keywords that you want to dominate.

2. Start creating content around the topic of your website. Try to include these keywords in your posts.

3. Create 100 topical, evergreen posts on your topic and post on your website.

4. Also submit your website to Google, Bing and Yahoo and also other credible web directories.

5. Add Google Analytics to your website.

6. Create more content with an aim to create 400 posts as soon as possible, outsource content creation if required.

7. Keep a track of your analytics results.

Within 2-3 months or sooner you should start to see traffic coming from search engines to your website.

This should begin your SEO efforts on a right note.

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