Right way to create content for your website or blog!

A website needs content like body needs food.

It is the fuel that helps a website grow.


Stick to one single broad topic. Do not create a website focused on too narrow a niche – where it is hard to find topics to write about. If you or your client run a business focused on green energy then it is easy to find lots of topics to write about. If you need to promote a brand of hair nourishing protein then it is better that you choose to write about hair in general in addition to some specific articles about your product.


Be regular in uploading/posting fresh content to your website. Daily is best but not possible for many; so aim for twice or once a week. You may also want to post once every fortnight but stick to this schedule until your content starts receiving regular traffic.

Length of articles

Anything upwards of 400 words is a good length for a piece of content (articles). Brief articles are good for a quick read but at times may not provide a detailed view on a subject. Long essay type posts also get bookmarked more than the smaller ones. You may start with smaller articles to get in the groove but later aim for some articles that provide detailed info on relevant topics related to the niche or industry of your website.


Initially aim to create educational content. This type of content works best on the web in the long-run. Stay away from news based article. It can bring you short term traffic (visitors) but not many in the long-run. If you want to write news based content then create content in a 60:40 ratio – 60% for evergreen/ educational/ how-to type content and 40% news based content.

Unless your focus is to create a news focus website like Huffington Post and you are planning to put lots of resources on this website.

So to make the content on your website work for you – create relevant content on regular basis; with an intent to create detailed evergreen posts.

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