How to get started with Tumblr?

Tumblr have been making waves for quite sometime now.

It is not without reason with its ease of use and inherent coolness it has fast become the blogging platform of choice for youngsters in US.

You can use Tumblr to create posts, share quotes, videos, links and move seamless between services like Facebook and Instagram.

But this hype and growth has not been without woes. Its frequent downtime is one big issue that it still needs to tackle now that it has big names backing it.

See for yourself if it is for you.

It is as simple as heading over to Enter your email, a new password and a URL for your new blog and you are good to go. No more hassles. It is that simple.

Of course you will have to confirm the link that Tumblr sends to your email. Once you confirm you can use the WYSWIG dashboard and customize design using free and paid themes.

Happy Tumbling!

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