Why is social media so important for today’s marketer?

A friend recently asked me why is social media so important for today’s marketer.

Here are some points to consider;

1. Your audience (for most of the industries and brands) is on social network

2. Segmentation and targeting is simple. For example if you are advertising on Facebook for a fashion label you can easily create ads targeting women in 18-25 years age group living in New York. Startups, single-person companies and big conglomerate now have access to same tools. You are only limited  by your creativity.

3. Social Media (facebook, twitter etc.) provides a wonderful channel to engage in 1-1 and if both parties agree to initimate communication as well.

4. It is easy to measure the return of money invested (not always but most of the times). If you choose to run a Facebook ad campaign through Facebook Insights (an inbuilt tool) you will be able to see how many clicks your investment has generated.

Though this medium has a great potential but while designing your social media campaigns you need to keep in mind that when we talk of social media we tend to talk about online media. The users in online space have short attention spans.

Make it unique, vary length of content or the format or make it really funny or provide insane value so that users will trust you and will come back for more.

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