Where to begin with social media?

1. Start with checking Mashable and Techcrunch on a a daily basis

2. Set up Google Alerts for the topic of your interest

3. Start a blog on your topic of interest, start with wordpress.com hosted blog

4. Post everyday on your blog

5. Get on to twitter, facebook and linekdin; create a real profie on each one of these

6. Warm up to each one of these

7. For Blogging start with Problogger and Copyblogger

8. For twitter check twitip

9. For facebook Allfacebook

10. Also create a facebook page for your brand

11. Buy Social Media Marketing in an hour a day by Dave Evans and read it page to page

12. After you have done above for a month; pick up a brand and think of various social media strategies for it based on what you have read in the book.

13. Repeat and Rinse.


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